Concours Paint Finishes

Concours quality paint finishes start with extreme quality metal work and preparation. There are no short-cuts to a perfect paint job.

Chemical dipping of the entire body is the initial step. All traces of rust, paint, grease, undercoating, and chalk are removed in this multi-step process. The body is immediately bake-dried and sprayed with an epoxy primer for corrosion protection.

After all metal finishing is completed, the body is sprayed with a special polyester filler and the lengthy process of blocking to ensure straightness and to remove any imperfections is completed. Two-part epoxy is applied next and it too is meticulously blocked in preparation before top-coating.

The final finish is produced using a urethane paint system capable of reproducing even the rarest colors while delivering the ultimate in durability and gloss. The top-coat is wet sanded and "ultra-buffed" to show winning standards of automotive beauty.